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Helping people achieve their financial goals

Helping people achieve their financial goals

Helping people achieve their financial goals

Helping people achieve their financial goals

Helping people achieve their financial goals

What is the home loan application process?

The following is an outline of the home loan application process and the steps involved when purchasing a property or refinancing a home loan.

Initial Enquiry
The initial mortgage enquiry is used to collect your financial data, analyse your borrowing capacity and determine the home loan products available.

Application Submission
Once the home loan solution is selected, the lending specialist will prepare all the necessary paperwork and present this to you for signing. This also gives you the opportunity to review the home loan offer prior to applying with the lender you have chosen.

Conditional Approval
The first stage of approval with a lender is conditional approval. This is where the lender has approved the application in principal but with conditions (outstanding requirements). The conditions of approval are usually that a property valuation is to be completed and could also include an outstanding document requirement if applicable.

Property Valuation
A valuation of the security property is completed. This provides the lender with assurance the home loan amount required by the borrower is within the parameters as described in the application.

Formal Approval
Once the conditions are met a formal approval can be issued. Usually, the lender will put this in writing and provide this to the borrower.

Solicitors acting for the lender will prepare the necessary documentation, which will then be presented to you for signing. These documents are then sent back to the lender.

Refinance Discharge
If you are refinancing a mortgage as part of your home loan application, a letter will need to be sent to your existing lender advising that you will be transferring to another lender. The existing lender will generally require some time to prepare the home loan to be released.

Once you new lender has everything ready, they will book in the settlement. Once this occurs you will receive notification that settlement has occurred.

At Mortgage Broker Plus Adelaide SA, we find you the best home loans from 45 of Australia's leading lenders then assist you with your home loan application.

Whether you are looking to buy a home, renovate your property, refinance your current home loans or invest in property our mortgage brokers can assist you.

How we can help you with your finance?

We give you choice

We first assess your current financial situation then structure a finance strategy using 45 of Australia's leading home loan product providers. We take the time to discuss the solution with you to ensure a home loan structure that will be financially beneficial over the long term.

We work with you

We get to know you personally to understand your personal circumstances and use our experience to find the home loan products that will meet your needs. We work with you and not for a bank.

We work for you

We take care of the paperwork and manage the application process through to settlement.

Were about more than just home loans

We can also help you arrange insurance cover for your home or yourself including home and contents insurance, life insurance and income protection.

We get to know you personally to understand your unique circumstances.

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